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Rein of hearts

Poetry / Adventure
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Angels song

What do Angels say

He's not interested in who you
Blame when things dont go
your way,
He holds to truth, to acceptance and does not hear your excuses anyway.
We cannot say ignorance is the reason. For all things are to
happen in their season.

only when we ignore
And refused to believe.
What is written in our souls,
When We are truly deceived.
Instead of having faith
we given to fear,
Then we are Unable to hear
The truth of Truth.
Unable to see the proof.

Do we ever examine
what we believe
Just follow others blindly
And the wonder why
we are deceived.

Never asking the reasons why
never thinking to question, or to try.
Never dreaming or daring
to fly.

But those daring enough to listen with their hearts.
Find the mysteries it set them apart.
From Those who have looked with their minds could not.
But we have all cast our own lots.
And it's never too late to start.
As long as there's breath in the body and the beat of our heart
we can all take part.

having an open heart and willingness to connect
Just go with in
take it slow
Reach out your hand
to the only man
That guides you
Helps you understand.

Taking matters into your own hands. Listening to every beat of band.

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