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Poetic soul

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Poetic stories

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The true meaning of poetry

The very essence of the soul,

A part of the mind we can't control.

Expressing one's emotions of fear




And understanding

Taming a small part of the heart

Which allows you to pour out every bit of

The living soul

While our mind's putting them into the art form of words.

But we know they are much much more.

We let our souls bleed,

Hearts talk.

But the hardest part is letting our minds listen,

For it is an ear to our truest emotions.

The ability to captivate these thoughts is rare in full.

The only outlet we have is the bleeding through the pen and paper,

To catch the very character of our hearts.

So, I give you in this poem the very

Essence of me dripping through this pen,

Pouring through my heart.

I've given you my soul which is the true meaning of poetry.

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