Sex is Poison

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Poem on how poisonous sex can be to the brain

Poetry / Romance
Tanisha Mck
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Sex is Poison

His mother told him,

son, there's something i gotta say to you,

its about Ashley, Mary, Joy and Kim

i went through your phone and dont know what to do

this is not that boy i raised nor do i see in your eyes

what is the reason for selfish fulfilments?

the son, was ashamed and had think of something wise

but there was no reasonable, logical reason for those actions

hurting woman, just to fulfil the pleasure of releasing semen?

sad that going through puberty could make such a reaction

she said "i raised you right", now stand up stop acting like a boy and be a man

seems like thoughts of sex tend to poison the brain and eliminate rationality

sex is poison

sex is a trap

sex is a demon

sex is lust

sex is pain

sex is draining

sex is a lie

love is life

love is happiness

love is family

love is worth

love is acceptance

love is realness

love is magic

sex is poison.

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