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A poem about a broken soul who refuses to heal

Poetry / Romance
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Naked Body

Your love is poison,

but I still choose to get drunk in it.

Look what you’ve done to me.

A lifetime of love with you were my wishes plea.

From day to dawn,I hopelessly hoped your heart misses m

Your darkness contradicts the light in me,

this I know.

But I will rather sleep with the risk of keeping my lights on.

Maybe I’ll burn, Maybe I’ll glow.

I ain’t scared of you no more.

I hoped you get blinded by my lights and forgo your darkness but instead you..

My heart that was so full love, is now so full of hate.

Hate for myself, hate for my soul but never hate for you.

I was running from myself but guess who I ran into...

I was the last person you will ever die for but I die for you everyday.

You don’t deserve me, but I do deserve you and terror.

I am glad and willing to make such error.

You need a strong heart to understand my broken soul.

I’m good with the tears after laughter, guess it make me whole.

If loving me is wrong, I apologize.

I’m not broken just traumatized.

I’ve been out here all day trying to get my demons out of my demonstration.

Guess you are the demon I’m dieing to exorcise.

I’m as naked as sin.

I followed a naked body,

A naked body followed me.


By: Allen The Great


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