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What is Warmth?

By MillenniumFallcon All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

What is warmth?
Once, it was warm, but not now.
Now I am shut out, lost in the cold.
Now I am left in the chill of your wake.
Once, it was warm.
Once, you held my hand.

What is warmth? 
It has all but left me.
Only fragments, faceted memories, 
Linger at the edge of my vision.
You are beyond my reach.

What is love, but a shallow reassurance from your lips?
Kindness, but a fleeting thought. 
I am lost, shut out in the cold.
I am merely a shadow of the broken past.
It is the last glimpse of a picture forever forgotten.

What is warmth?
I cannot remember.
What is love?
I cannot feel it.
What are you?
You are an angelic demon.
You are a hole of breathtaking devastation.

If you would but look at me,
I could remember.
If you would but look at me,
I could feel.
If you would just look at me,
I could forget.
If you would only look at me,
I could become more than a shade.
I could glisten once more in your glory. 

What is warmth?
Do you even know? 

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