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The middle finger says just one word but poetry says 1000's, You won't find yourself falling in love, lost in admiration, or spilling your guts trying to decipher my prose but you may find yourself laughing, scoffing in disgust, or swear I may be disturbed. So why not stay a while, read a bit, and indulge in the things you are already thinking...

Poetry / Humor
Alicia Villasenor
4.7 3 reviews
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Where We Live: Section 1

Section 1 This section is all about the neighborhood including neighbors and living next to people who you may not like.

*Just a quick note: there’s 3 sections in this collection which breaks up the kind of poem you’ll find in each.*

Section 2 is about specific people (made up characters) that you might meet some day from Tinder (LOL!) or actually living down the street from you or in the apartment next door.

Section 3 the family. All about the secret thoughts we share and the experiences we have that include relationships.

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