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Teabags and Sliced Lemons

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Entry 001: Ghost Spot

Ghost Spot. 111719.

You have your ghost spot in every place I go. Whenever I see your resemblance on other people, my mind is picturing the structures of yours — your eyes, your lips and your bangs. I can imagine how you do your thrifty smile when you're being shy, and of your make-face (which I found funny) while you are out of your mind.

And, when I heard this particular song, your soft and mesmerizing voice is the first thing that will come up to my mind; I remember you. You are the only one that I remember in every thing I see, I hear, I taste and I feel. There are parts of you that were left in me, and they are the memories that we created together.

You had given me that impact that I never knew I'll get. I have fallen deeply, so much that I cannot get up. You had given me those sentimental memories, so much that I am not able to forget you.

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