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Love at First Sight

I saw him,

Strolling in Venice.

His boyish looks,
Played with my heart-strings.

He wafted with grotesque beauty,
Elating my heartbeat.

My chest heaved,
At his scenic glamor.

Our eyes never met,
But then I was in a trance.

I was fallen so deep,
And he never saw my glance.

He faded like a dream,
My heart wept to make a stream!

I never saw him again,
But my love isn't lame.

I will live to be hundred,
But he will always build my thought's frame.

For, I feel in love with him at the first sight,
But I had to leave my heart back there in Venice!



This one is written on the request of my two friends:
(mahamchaudry and Mina1330 )

Just so you know I believe in love at first sight. I mean what is better than standing under the Eiffel tower, wearing red stiletto louboutins, holding latte and standing next to your forever, staring at same sky as him? And when you look sideways, the eyes lock and it clicks. Just like that, you both fell........ Geez, I need some good sleep. XD.
Your bleeding poetess!
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