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When Her Love Faded

The sun was sinking,

In the deep blue sky.
The heat was startling,
And stars were nowhere to be seen.
Her voice was shivering,
Her sobs were lingering.
The grief was sparkling in here eyes,
The darkness became loud,
Her heart was now drowning.
She had lost her heart,
And had regained it.
But the pain of losing,
And the shooting agony of reclaiming,
Still had a miserable perturb.
The memory of his strong cadence,
The recollection of his palpable approach.
The timbre in his determined eyes.
All these recurring images,
Were still vivid and afresh in her heart.
The way hi unequivocal words made her brave,
And the way he made her Hippodrome life bearable.
All got shattered,
When he left her alone and miserable.
Happiness was in absentia,
She was bleeding and was left sabotaged.
Sky was her smile,
Stars her simper.
But the color of the sky was reminder of his eyes,
And tonight stars were gone astray.



This is to all those who had a great time learning to live with someone, and were eventually left with memories ;(
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