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Clandestine Broke Free

She waltzed onto a swing,

Let her mind peter out of NOISES!
Her ears perked up;
Yearning to hear clanks of bearings.

The trepidation of reality,
Made her retreat in her own skin.
The air painted her misery,
She closed off her eyes.
Replaced her sight,
With the pale veils;
Of nothingness!
Of darkness!
Of lies!

She locked the REAL her,
Only her imagination could penetrate.
As if only way of coping up with sensations,
Was to forget her identity!

Behind the veils, lie;

She saw that girl,
So upbeat and belligerent.

She heard the messages of silence,
Musing of air,
Coaxing of dust!

All silently screaming,
To bring,
Real *HER* back.
To bring jitterness to life,
To bring truths to vile,
To bring smiles to bribe!

She heard air bending;
Promising _ a promise of silence!
That if you stop lying,
A brighter picture could materialize.
A life could sustain,
A smile could remain!

She wanted to,
She so much wanted to;
Bring her back!
Bring her out!
Bring her peace!

But the girl behind shades;
Of peril,
Of horror,
Of tremor,
Screamed a wind carrying weight!


She was incandescent by the incongruity of it;
The reality of her words,
Or maybe,
The perfection in her lies.
She was lying to her,
To herself!
To hearts!
To world!

A lie accompanied with fear,
Of breaking free of tear.



I know I can stretch further but here my sis gave me a challenge to write something in 10 minutes.
And so we timed it. I completed in 8 mins and 43 seconds.

Just bear what I could have possibly managed.

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