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Breaking To Heal

And I tried to break it;

The bond holding us together.
The strings attaching our hearts.
The threads fabricating our souls.
The fibers glueing our feelings.

And I tried harder to end it;
The reason of our togetherness.
The meaning of our interconnected hearts.
The essence of our fabricated souls.
The love that made our feelings opulent.

Then, I saw it work harshly!
And when I saw those red swollen eyes,
Those tear-stained cheeks,
Those beehive like hair,
My heart errupted into volcano.

I knew I lost my half soul,
In between breaking us apart.
I left it with him;
Haunting, hurting, repeating!
I couldn't steal that half, too;

I knew it back then,
I was taking away his complete breath,
His consolidated life,
The life, he might be regretting now.
I knew how he'll smirk,
At the mention of *love*.
Or how he will cry under rain,
Hiding his tears, muffling his voice.
I knew how my laughter,
Will become his lingering nightmare.
I knew how my eyes,
Will make him squeal every morning.

But now;
That I broke the threads,
Broke the strings,
Broke the bonds,
Broke the fibers,
He might actually not go through that!
He might actually still have in himself,
To smile!
To live,
To love,
Though to me,
It hurts.

But, it's not the only thing that hurts.
It rather heals my cancer to see him smile!
But I can't let him hang in between,
Two infinities;
Life & Death!
I might die,
My love won't!

I broke the strings,
Broke the threads,
Broke the bonds,
Broke the fibers,
To set him free of bigger picture of,
Hurt, anguish, and pain!

I broke the strings,
Broke the threads,
Broke the bonds,
Broke the fibers!

I proved my love!

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