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A series of dark poetry's to engulf the best experience of fiction.

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1 - ɴɪɢʜᴛ

Every part of the Illuminating sky, beyond words of euphoria.

The insouciant broad sense of the gloom.

Desolate darkness seizes the vast spread sky ocean.

As its black, hulking silhouette devours the stars,

Leaves a mark black, Scorching darkness holds it's facile coup.

Strewn with sparkling remnants, shards of far flung suns

Infinitely unreachable in red shift, the deserting is.

Pleading beds of garden veiled in frost beg for dew,

Quiet dreamers drift longingly on carpets over seas,

Nightmares deny victims their feeble wake up please, the silent night needs to be over.

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