Colour Isn’t A Colour... When It’s Black And White

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We Are Human After All

Why are the people on this earth hating on each other like they are today?,

Why does this society allow to us to judge each other and betray?.

We are human after all.

Why do people judge others by the colour of their skin?,

We should be raised with similar morals and be taught that beauty comes from within.

We are human after all.

We should carry our brothers and sisters whether they’re black or white,

And should they fall we pick them up and not knock them down in broad daylight.

We are human after all.

We should never kill some other person or beat on each other with force,

Whether it be in anger, mixed beliefs or a different race and there should be no such things as wars.

We are human after all.

We’re not born racist, but it’s often what is taught,

But when we grow older, we know right from wrong and what we’ve been influenced to believe can be rethought.

We are human after all.

Don’t teach your children that its acceptable to judge someone for their race,

Teach them that they wouldn’t appreciate being mocked because of the colour of their face.

We are human after all.

Don’t be racist, don’t hate and don’t kick a man when he has a fall,

Instead, do what’s right, grab his hand, help him up because we are human, one and all.

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