His queen.

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What she was to him.

Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1

She was his queen.

She was the good in him.

She was the bottle labelled poison that he drank knowing that in the end it would only kill him.

She was the only person he loved.

Her smile lit up his whole world.

Her tears were the knives that could cut through his flesh when she cried.

Her scent lingered everywhere he went.

Her touch lit his body on fire.

Her soft pink lips moulded perfectly against his as they kissed while thier tounges danced to the beat of thier hearts.

Her voice the only melody he listened to.

Her beauty never failed to shock him.

Her laugh made his stomach perform somersaults.

Thier love for each other was the most powerful thing known to mankind.

It made him feel alive.


In the end it was what killed him , a love so strong it could survive anything , well anything besides the God of death that is.

After all she was the bottle labelled poison but he would drink it all again just for a chance to love her one more time.

ii am him.

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