Pygmalion and Frankenstein

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a collection of what seemed right and wrong.

Julia Natividad
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au - ghosts (an elegy)

The wind breathes as my breaths hove

When the shadow slowly tried to maroon my soul

I plead for throe; giving up hesitance

For throe was all that was left; and throe was the darkest of all aches.

There was nothing beyond the best of pain,

And somehow, the suffering comforted my silence

The soft whistlings of my agony gave little solace

Yet it was the hearth the cold was able to offer.

Gone was the need of blissful moments,

That the shadow's anodyne wings only stung

Its chaste persona wanting to leave as console;

As it was the very shadow who couldn't stay.

I concurred to be bland and repetitive,

And I speak of my forgiveness as well.

For I've forgotten what it felt to not love someone like you,

And my tears now forever cling to your pure feathers.

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