Intuitive minds (poetry)

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Thoughts of Isolation

With the serene’s light spouting through the minute holes,

depicting the beginning of a newborn day.

Hope blooms inside the heart, that this predicament will be okay.

The solicitous nature has turned vindictive,

for she tolerated the nasty deeds with a lot of equanimity.

Thus, her indignant response wiped out the advanced breed.

She, the fish out of out water,

pleaded to put a halt from depleting the ozone to rising the ocean level.

These were the handwriting on the wall,

to make the mankind vulnerable.

Controversy served to be a hot potato,

the mortality rate at its zenith;

because all the evils had to be nipped in the bud

as we led her up the garden path.

In this elegant spell of the year,

the blossoms completing their juvenile juncture.

Soft gust carrying this beautiful moment

and the fragrance to the nature’s beholder.

Its fading like a dream. We fail to catch

the fragments as they recede.

The glass is full, the bullet is fired

and we can’t change this reality.

Unknown whether it’s a weapon or a revenge

to heal itself from the past.

Fools living in their religion ivory tower

take advantage of millions buried under the crust.

Saviours at yours beck and call,

leaving no stone upturned to suppress.

But this haughty and naughty attitude

is being a wolf in we sheep’s clothes.

No habitation far and wide.

Loss, despair and fear instilled in mind.

Hoping to be the alpha or omega;

self protection being the first n foremost, thus no kind.

Let’s gird up the loin for a better future.

Thus simply pray to our Alma Mater.

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