Intuitive minds (poetry)

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"Words are mightier than a sword."

Like chameleons to reflect their environment.

Either a honeydew or a poison;

most powerful drug used by mankind.

Fills the amount of love for someone,

but a twist will serve a rose of thorns.

When low, brings an elegant peace,

once high leads to infinite destruction.

Turns one ugly to beautiful;

even if beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder;

becomes silent when reaches a wise man,

though with a fool turns to rumour.

Resolves the psyche of a person;

determines how high is one's position.

Like broken glass, cannot be mended,

either way leaves its mark on the person.

Showers the spectrum of emotions for writers;

thus, a gift with insurmountable power.

In our hands lies its string of fate,

for this tornado to be like the passing air.

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