Intuitive minds (poetry)

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At the commencement of dusk,

the sunlight varnishing the atmosphere.

Natural hues came to life,

spreading warm and beautiful vibes.

Soft flurry whir in the vaccum,

turned the silent cacophony into a warm rhythm.

Soothing the ears of the beholder;

soaring from west to east in light whisper.

Towards the horizon, perched on stones;

cold not affecting the skinny bones.

Juvenile hands made paper boats,

which created ripples as they float.

A sigh escaped the cracked lips,

while laying down on sand hips.

With tears ceased in seven year old eyes;

stared into infinity hope filled with lies.

Passing minds who saw that scape

tend to smile remembering their nonage.

Unknown that the fisherman’s son sailed them with a desire;

to bring his father back, which was truly bizzare.

Little did he know the harsh reality

that wishes were just to feed the despair of one’s being;

fed with hordes of lies that we formulate with mere words

and in the end they do nothing but disappoint and destroy us.

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