Intuitive minds (poetry)

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You came into my life as an unwelcome face,

never knew our friendship, I would one day embrace.

As I ponder over my morning coffee,

this beautiful and elegant sunrise reminds me;

the moments I have spent with you,

how we stuck to each other like glue.

You showed me that we are more than sufficient;

'Sweetheart, you yourself are significant'.

This friendship is about three things:-

winning, losing and sharing.

You won my heart, I lost my ego

and we share are joys and sorrows.

It's good to know our friendship is one of endless devotion,

forged out of respect and every kind of emotion.

As I keep thinking about my future;

I love you for making my life richer.

It does my heart good at the end of the day,

to know that you'll never be more than a call away.

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