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This is my first time doing poems.

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Poem 1

Warning sad horrible but true poem ahead

They say don't judge a book by its cover

So why am I always judged?

No one truly knows me

So why do they judge?

When they don't know my story

They say i lie

They say i do nothing

They say i over react

Maybe i do

Maybe I dont

I'm sad but why would you care

Its not like the people i love most are gone

But they are

Im happy

Every one stares like I'm an alien

What did i do?

To make everyone hate me

I'm just a kid

That has lost more than most


Why do they judge?

When they don't know me?

They think I have a perfect life

They think that ive lost nothing

I show im hurt sometimes

But no one notices

So I act like nothing's wrong

Because when i do people attack me

I might sing to help people

I might draw good

But that is a distraction

This is me

Finnaly opening up

Because i get judged

When no one knows me

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