Conscious Endurance

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Nature of Life

Deadly shallows with the clumsy fellows,

There is nothing otherwise dark sheet.

But somehow a twinkle of light.

Absorbed colours but nothing to change,

Wherever they're I am out of place.

Never realize the shape of leaf,

I am on the branch not yet free.

Darkness is green not black the world is seeming out of track.

Nothing far but more closer.

Every night is becoming more colder,

Sun doesn't shine so bright as in the eyes of innocence.

Clouds are passing by with wind being shy,

This path is what mind had directed.

Water is running out of place,

Eyes are red by the rise of dark,

Life is out but nothing is in,

But cycle of life never runs in my right.

All the way down the hill,

There's no way of eating all my old sins.


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