Conscious Endurance

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How Sorrows Survive Afterlife

Climbing my way upwards,

Towards hardy success.

My way towards the sky,

Seems too hazy and worthless.

Before live can even enter heart,

It's killed by regrets if past.

The sky seems too dark without any spark,

It almost feels there's no path.

Do anyone even hear me,

Through all that storms and shouts.

There I'm now, where no one knows,

Is even a door towards my freedom?

I'm struck there and there,

Where's no light sets nor a thunder heard.

It's like to be in a dark room,

In a cage, so small to even move.

I can't move, even not complain,

My mouth is shut with the tape.

Which is made of images of ages,

Ain't know why they don't forget.

It's a long, long age,

But I explain my mistakes in a row.

But still no one take it and have mercy,

They just push and impress until you're stressed.

Smash you like trash and throw you in the bin,

And press the nerves that you don't know have ever been.

'My dear do the best to grin.'

So that they loose and you have victory let you embrace.


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