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Ever since the day I finally had your hands on mine, bodies so close.

The thought of being next to you after for so long of strangers.

Talked as if it hasn't been ages since our last.

Hard to believe I smiled through it all.

An idiot is what I am.

I say I'll never do the bad.

The drugs.



But then you came along.

Your touch is too inviting, I want more of it.

The way I fit so perfectly onto your side, cuddling you so

God your so warm.

Your scent.




I couldn't even look at you.

I felt so small and vulnerable.

To look at you directly I'd lose myself in seconds.

But I couldn't help myself I had too in some points.

But very quickly before I got trapped.

Hell to feel that warmth of yours on my cheek, traveling down my neck,


Just like the first time.

You make me learn more about myself.

"I'm someone who can make you break down".

Friends can't explain our relationship.

It's been a week and i'm going insane.

Your lips on mine.

The way you knew where to kiss, where to attack to make me melt more into you.

The way you were so close to laying me down on the floor.

Heart racing.

My body had a mind of it's own.

Wrapping my arms tighter bringing you closer.

Cutting the space between our bodies.

I crave for your warmth.

It was so hot.

I wanted more.

To be interrupted before my back can touch the ground.

The way my breath hitched.

I lost it.

I couldn't say your name properly.

It was stuck in my throat making a lump.

If I were, it only be said in a melody I forbid to say it in.

Your too addicting.

As the day went by I couldn't help but get the feeling out.

The way your scent still lingers.

The way your touch is still felt.

So gentle and soft.

But little bit rough in some.

Holding me down.

Squirming at every touch you gave me.


Now I know how it feels.

Even if I wasn't the best you insisted in more.

The way our lips fitted for each other.

A bite to the bottom lip,

I lost it.

Soft, gentle, but little bit rough.

Driving me insane.

You became my drug.

My alcohol.

I want more of what you gave me.

What you made me feel.

Time went too fast.

My heart races every time I think back when I was with you again.

The way you ran your fingers through my hair.

Played with it.

Put it behind my ear to take it out of my face.

Everything that you did.

Almost tattooed into my mind.

But now only a memory.

What are we?

Friends is not even close.

Boyfriend and girlfriend ?

You never asked.

Nor did I.

Everything is just lingering.

It hurts.

Burns even.

The way I need your touch again.

Be so close that space isn't a thing.

I want you.

But can't have you.

Driving me insane.

Your hands bring such a feeling I can't describe.

The way they knew where to go.

Where to touch.

Just like your kisses.

Finding the right spot each time.

But you left me,

With only feelings untold.

Memories that feel too real.




I want it all, again.

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