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Confusion in Underground Clouds

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This is a collection of poetry that cannot be confined to one genre or concept. It is the attempt to peel back the skin of the universe and splash in the torrential rain on the panes behind the curtains. Vicious and tender, it is both the cosmic personal and the sensitive macabre.

Poetry / Horror
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My Descent

Every time the trumpet sounds,

the tumult in the clouds,

has left me here

upon the ground

deaf in tattered shrouds.

I wake below a jaundiced sky,

where murderous crows rejoice,

watch them flap their hoary wings

and bray immortal voice.

Slinking through the shadows, I,

slip below the ground,

as if in each darkling plain

an ancient gate is found.

To ward off light and feathers bright,

I must hide away,

and walk until the last Hurrah!

Of the human’s judgement day.

Descending Angels show their place,

with blank and interstellar face,

they bring their trumpets to the Earth,

then I shall feast on all that light

as I place them in my hearth!

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