Little Girl Where Did You Go?

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Do you miss that once gleeful internal self you once knew but have managed to let them slip like sand through your finger tips? Because I do...

Rebecca Moore
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Little Girl Where Did You Go?

Do you ever look back in time and wonder what happened to that girl you used to know? Where’s that pure smile so happy and full of life? The misfortune of her mind has decided to try and make her drown, making it a struggle to breathe everyday. As the clock ticks on the weight of rocks that bound her by her feet seems to ever so slowly add up. An endless abyss of thoughts that drag her by her hair, scratching and clawing for it to stop. The once blank slate has been filled with the harsh reality of life. Veins have been pumped with poison, which has seeped into every part of her body. The cracks in her heart are deep dark crevices pleading to be refilled. The mistakes made torture her well-being like bamboo shoots being stuck under her finger nails. Walking through pain in an empty capsule of a body disfigured by the sickness of her consciousness. She’s losing the light at the end of the tunnel, the darkness has began to consume her and make her cold and hard like a rock. Emotions gradually become concealed in the wilderness of her tinder soul. She may catch a glimpse of what is thought to be happiness, but her old kind, loving, free spirited, little girl has been chained and locked up in a box, stowed away in the back of her mind. To protect what little hope she has left. Maybe one day this once vibrant little girl will reappear from the shadows but till then her eyes will remain dim and dull, and her compassion brittle and on the edge of shattering.

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