Crumbling heart

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You know that feeling when you can feel every piece in you breaking ..well that's what happened a while back..I felt as if my existence doesn't really matter well still does ..why dont you give it a read yourself

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A Hope For The Future

I just try and I just fail

And it just became an unending tale

For I still seek a glimpse , but still feel empty inside

As for what I thought could have been more , it was nothing more than just an acquaintance for him .

I still feel , when you are around

And then realize - its just a mistake I have to stop making at once

As for him it was nothing more than getting the work done , once and for all

The day when I confessed was the day you broke me

I still try hard but my heart doesn't listen to me , I say it's time to move on

Forget the past and mend your heart .

As for you there will be someone special who , one day will show up and knock at your door

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