White Stained Roses

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Pink Clouds And You

Your love was like sitting for the sun in winters

The sun will come and go leaving me unsatisfied but yet very satisfied

Looking at you from afar, I realized i had nothing but fog

Every time I saw you my breath were short

Maintaining my distance from life, I ran into you

Touched your smile but it was sadness that I felt

Birds covered you, considering you their happy place

Clouds turned pink from shyness as they watched from above

You laughed with mouth open as I broke down

Watching you happy was the only wish I had

Never knew by seeing you would make me feel that much

All the memories rushed but my tears were dry

My body refused to obey me

A sea of people and my eyes were at you

Hard to came out of cabinet when all I think was death

Wind blew and I missed you again ever so much

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