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The words I never said

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Poems I wrote as a young teen once upon a time. Not the greatest, but bring back memories I will always cherish.

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1. Are you the one for me?

May 2020

As I lay here in bed reflecting on our past,

I can’t help but feel inside that we actually had a blast.

Sure we had some troubles at the start - our parents disapproved,

But years went by, they came around and things finally improved.

We spoke for hours, laughed non stop, even had some secrets,

Walked hand in hand, butterflies in stomachs, we were each other’s weakness.

Knew ins and outs and every mark on each other’s body,

The power couple who stayed strong and was looked up to by everybody.

As time went by my heart was set and thought you were the one,

But it was then that something changed and real struggles began.

Constant mood swings, blames and anger suddenly appeared,

We tried and stood by ones’ sides but I constantly feared.

I feared for our relationship and whether you would go,

As tears poured down my face I knew I had to take control.

My absolute favourite poem I wrote not long ago when I was going through a rough patch with my current boyfriend. I really thought we would break up then.

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