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A collection of random proses and poems. The author dedicates this book to everyone who needs or wants a few words to feed their poetic souls; to everyone who would've written the same thing to express; to everyone who also writes in the hopes of helping someone to get through a hard time; and to everyone who simply wanted a break from everything.. The author is very pleased to have you read this

Poetry / Other
Maiah Lace
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A Word From the Author

Every piece in this book could literally be written by anyone out there, by anyone who is having a hard time right now, by anyone who is in love, by anyone who is motivated, by anyone who is tired, and the list goes on.

English is not my first language, but everything in this book is written from the heart.

And please, do not even attempt to plagiarize my work; do put a disclaimer or a credit.

Spread love. 💚

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