The Socrates in You

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The book is a compilation of poem written by something that dwells within me, once in a week. The poems are based on daily life serendipity. Every poem is driven by something we see in our everyday life but never really stop to consider unless we are in the midst of it.

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Deck of the Avarice
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Ocean of History

Author Note: The poem is about how everyone eventually moves on from the loss of everything and everyone. The acceptance of the truth allows our partings easier and new beginnings more exciting, remembering its mortality.

Nothing is immortal


The soul itself withers

With time,

Withers away the anchor of the soul

With time

Fades the memories

To become mist

To move away in the winds of time

Then to only precipitate

In the ocean of tranquility

And becoming irrelevantI

n face of absolute relevance of all

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