Poems I Found Behind the Moon

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A poetry collection that I had garnered during my tiring yet worth-it travel behind the moon and beyond in my quarantine dreams.

Poetry / Other
V. A. Maningo
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1) Bloodless

No mercy shall be given to the man who is bloodless.
Rid him if his clothes, let the air shiver his bones.
Castrate his prized ornaments and chop off his toes.
Bury him alive then let his family know,
that the coward they raised was a man
with a body of a bloodless soul.

Let his spirit wander the wasteland in desperation.
Pay no heeds to his mourns of forgiveness.
“It is better to die in honor, than to live in shame.”
Then the warrior who left his dignity to live
is no more than that of an idiotic slave.

All of his cowardice, none shall be overlooked.
His fresh remnants, leave it hanging by a hook.
His bloodless tomb will honor those he left to die.
But for his family, we will allow his spirit to cry.
After all, he can only run.
He can only hide.

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