a world full of lie

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‘ a world full of lie ‘ is about a girl ( nata ) who allegedly gets into a relationship, WHILE in another. the girl she’s dating ( dee )falls madly in love with her & is blindsided by everything she does, an overthinker, always thinks that there is someone else. but nata assures there is no one, nata continues to hurt this girl, apologizes, and blames it on other life issues. they are not together, they’ve broken up. but they are talking. the girl, stays up late nights. either madly in love, strained from sleep, or crying. this girl soon has enough of it and tells her that she is done, with everything. after, they’ve came together as friends, than, barely associate, everything isn’t the same it it seems as if; they’ve forgotten about eachother. forgot about everything that happened. (this story is in parts) (this story is written about what went on the relationship.)

Poetry / Romance
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the start of it all

It was a perfect night. or as perfect as dee could recall.

there she was. laying on her bed, scrolling through her phone,

like she would always do on “ regular “ nights as these.

ding! ding! ‘

her phone goes.

oh dee, she was always so quick to open things.

but this spoke to her.

if only she had listened.

listened to her heart pounding, listened to her blood raging viciously inside her body. complied with her head singing ‘ leave it be, don’t open it, ignore it. ‘

her life wouldn’t have changed, so drastically—

in such short time.

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