The Demons Inside Me

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Dream Girl

On the beach

There’s always a gate to reach

To break away from our fate

And choose our own dates

Love told me to write her name

I couldn’t resist this today

All I had to do was to

Hold the pen but I let go

Cause I didn’t know

If I was ready to say

I love you

My girl flew away in space

Emotions made me cry in loveless days

No one knows how much I miss her

No one knows how much I love her

All they know is my tears

That’s all they can hear

But the truth is she didn’t leave

She’s always been buried deep

In my heart

So even if she crossed the seas

We are never apart

She can’t run behind

All the tearful nights

Like that shining moon

My flowers grow and bloom

And she never said

I love you too

But I felt it

When I wrote this to you

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