The Demons Inside Me

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She is

She is way shorter

Somehow younger

She is smarter

But I’m funnier

She is prettier

But I’m cooler

You’re incredibly on fire

And as extraordinary as Jupiter

It took me a year to know her

And it felt like a century without her

Can’t spend a day or two

Without you

So I guess it’s true

True love revives a rock

So let me tell you a story of mine

Once upon a time

A kid ran to a sea of wine

To forget and start a new life

And as the new he rose

He found a mermaid covered in gold

That was his real rose

A beautiful flower

That he trusts over his powers

And prays she never goes

Under the stars

We cry and laugh

Go back in time

Let go of our souls

So they hug all night

And write our history on the walls

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