The Demons Inside Me

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They say love is a waste

But I never really cared

From the first time I saw you

You knocked on the doors of my heart

How pretty were you

I never knew it was gonna hurt

You got my mind

You owned my soul

You stole my heart

I gave you all of me

I showed u the deepest parts in me

Like a locked bird, you set me free

And your name is the air I breathe

I mean it

I love you

I feel it

I need you

Baby tell me why

Every time I remember you I cry

Why can’t we go again and fly?

I wish I can call you mine again

cuz since you left my life is all about pain

I miss you and I miss everything between us

The songs and flames inside us

The memories in our hearts

I found myself in your hug

I admit it, you’re my drug

And you know

I still love you

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