The Demons Inside Me

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When all the doors were closed

All my ways were blocked

And I thought I was so fucked

God sent her to heal my pain

God sent me an angel in the rain

To wash away the fire and sins burning me

She took my hand and held me

Inspired me to build my legacy

This is my Vampy

She came through breaking all the windows

She transformed my tragedies into rainbows

The nightmares I lived

were nothing but a stupid dream

My demons had to back up and leave

Cause she set me free

I taught her the love I feel

We got closer in the dream

The kisses were explosions

Due to our wild emotions

Can’t hide anything from you

The lonely kid inside truly loves you

Cause after all those stressful nights

You took him into late rides

And you both flew

Under the moon and skies

He felt like he can breathe

Every day we live a new tale

It became clear I need your love and care

And I fall for you every day

And I keep asking

How did God create you?

Your silky hair

Bloody red lips

Pretty soft cheeks

Light brown eyes

Where did he find enough beauty

To create you, lovely cutie?

But I know he gave me the knowledge

To know what I feel toward you

And the courage

To tell you

I love you

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