The Demons Inside Me

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Shooting Stars

This world around is ours

Cuz we’re inside as it fades away

As life takes us in shit, we still scream inside. Friends didn’t stand by your side, but I was there.

Cooling the war… I see you around and I run

But I miss you when you talk in my mind

When you touch my heart

When you already know it all when I look you’re your eyes

We shine tonight in the skies

And you were so bright

Time wasting

Time stops when I’m with you

Fuck anybody else when you know

I got you

I will fight for your heart

And I can’t hide my affection

It’s only you.

I’ll start counting the stars till I see you again

Till we mess around and escape our pain

I feel it all in the rain.

A tough, but joyful, year with the queen invaded my heart like a shooting star

Naturally like a hurricane

When you look in my eyes

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