The Demons Inside Me

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INDIVIDUAL: The Final Chapter

Glass shatters around

Soldiers die behind

Angels fly high

Lovers may cry,

Walls are breaking

Blood is drying,

Diseases spreading

Souls fading

INDIVIDUAL trying to survive hard time in the battle.

Battle of the worst enemies

The battle of Demons& Angels

Peace& War

Life& Death

Tears& Laughs

Hate& Love

Heroes& Villains

Snow& Fire

Light& Dark

God& Devil…

An ENDLESS fight where winners are the INDIVIDUAL survivors

They’re the Brave& Fearless souls

The Warriors who never kill, the Lovers who never quit- They’re the INDIVIDUALS.

INDIVIDUAL stories got you here

And made you feel Legendary

Created a Rhapsody in souls, blown your mind and lit up your heart…

INDIVIDUAL minds are everywhere

INDIVIDUAL tunes are loud

INNDIVIDUAL monsters don’t fail

INDIVIDUAL underdogs are tomorrow’s champions

INDIVIDUAL warriors’ light explodes through the skies!!!

Unstoppable power you can’t stand against

We shut down the wars

We restart the minds

We control your destiny

We create mysteries

We are extraordinary


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