The Demons Inside Me

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With the whole world buzzing around technology

I don’t know if we’re living in a fiction or reality

Not sure of anything I can see

You may be real but I don’t think you can feel

Maybe you’re a robot killing all pork

Causing epidemics with no basics

I’m facing our oldest enemy

He sees it easy to kill you and me

Today before tonight

They want me to take a flight

To let it fall and when I die

They’re gonna say I was a lie

But I’m like the black birds

Flying over a million herds

Spreading peace and love

That they don’t like enough

So humans plan to murder me during my birth

I can’t escape, this is my last stand on earth

People start by hurting you and then ask for forgiveness

Got me in total breakdowns, I need a therapist

Cause I can’t easily forget what they did

Torturing me inside

Last time I almost died

Harsh words and cruel actions

They’ve erased the word satisfaction

Nothing said is true

They all lie on the news

In order to live longer

You might wanna be further

From any human-like creature

But there’s no one like them

Killing in the name of religion

Every Muslim and Christian

Mixed our blood with the sand

And it’s all in one hand

Lonely tears can be heard only by the pillow

Martyrs cross the seas, are angels dressed in yellow?

Old stories in the back

Made me love the color black

It’s weird how a dog can get me when I panic

And human beings don’t hug me when I want it

My dad wants me to be a leader

He says I need it

He doesn’t know I’m a lone wolf

And that’s much better

Rather than having stupid followers

I’m full of rage and power

The annoying sons of Adam and Eve

Will always blame me for being cold hearted

For being cold blooded

They don’t see what I see

I see their cruelty that turned people like me crazy

Is it just me?

Or is there millions like me?

At the end, we might need a savior

To save ourselves from their behavior

We need some magical force

To solve that mysterious curse

We must live free

We must run, whistle, and breathe

We must have some hope

In reaching the top

Feeling happiness in our hearts

Spreading deeply in our blood

God wishes that we feel it

So have some faith in him

And even if we cried after a happy night

That doesn’t mean we gonna die tonight

It only means we gonna do it again

We gonna witness the rainbow after another rain

With all the differences we share

We will enjoy the infinite rain together

I won’t be alone anymore

We’re gonna be together forever

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