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Love is a beautiful feeling especially when shared between two beautiful. However,it become dangerous when not reciprocated.

Poetry / Romance
Michelle Howard
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Never mine

Your lips are foreign to mine

But I know they'd taste like red wine

The crested lines on your fine mouth drives me insane

And I'd drunkenly drown in it with no shame

The soothing sound of your masculine voice reminds me of the husky winds of early Spring

While your delicate touch against my skin can send me into the abyss of a dangerous fling

Even though that wandering mind you posses would never rescue me from these outrageous thoughts

I'd sleep peacefully knowing that my mourning heart yearns for your love which it earnestly soughts

The voice that provokes my excitement has become an echo in the deep walls of my ears

The laugh that lingers around me is gone and replaced by the rocking chair of my fears

How I wish I could turn your smile into freezing ice

To selfishly comfort all my midnight cries

The memory of our last encounter brings me tears

Because of the soundless whisper of your unspoken goodbyes

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