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A collection of amateur poetry and quotes written by me. •Regular updates• Copyright © 2020 by Nawaal. RB (RBN_Books). All rights reserved.

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Weaponized Words

Every path that I took,

Every mistake I overlooked,

My words muffled by silent cries,

There were many trials,

And many told lies,

With weaponized words,

They abjured my fate,

Slowly being stripped away,

Bulletproof vest, tattered golden badge,

Of innocence mangled,

Truth entangled,

By the wires of a sheltered cage,

If I could endure it maybe just a little longer,

My faith would be faltered,

My heart would be altered,

A reflection in the mirror,

That I held dearer,

A reminder of a girl,

Who didn't know the world,

Mystifying an army with walls built around hurt,

That I have accepted,

And endured.

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