Necronomicon: They're Just Burning Memories & Notes From A Certain Scotsman

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In truth, only personal experience is real. Perception is what shapes the human mind. It contains all the potential that humans have fulfilled, but also all the limitations that hold us back. Brain cells function only in the present. They have no other choice, since they occur only here and now. If the present moment is the only real time we can know, why is it so elusive? You can use a clock as fine-tuned as an atomic clock to predict when the next second, millisecond, or trillionth of a second will arrive, but that’s not the same as predicting the now. The present moment, as an experience, is totally unpredictable. If it could be predicted, you’d know your next thought in advance, which is impossible.

I cannot predict death. Therefore, I am free. Liberated from illusion, we can be free of all fear. In the end, waking up leads to absolute freedom. We don’t just lead our everyday lives. We navigate the field of infinite possibilities.

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