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My own written poetry (( shayari ))

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“ ज़िन्दगी और मौत "

Meri Bdi Azeeb Khani’yan Ne.

Mout Tey Zeendgi,Do Raani’yan Ne.

Mai Keede Naal Nibhani’yan Ne,

Rabb Khair Kre

Rabb Khair Kre ~

Naa Kadar Milli, Naa Khabar Milli,

Tenu Vich Shamshaan, Naa Saadi Kabar Milli !!

Jey Mildi’yan Nazar’an De Naal Nazar’an,

Dill’an De Raaz Khul’ne Sii.

Ikk Mikk Hoke Baina Sii,

Tey Ah Sab Jag Bhulne Sii !!

Zeendgi Saadi Saade Toan Khaffa Ho Geyi,

Jis Din Di Mout, Bewafa Ho Geyi.

Kehndi Tenu Mai Leke Jaaungi,

Dekhdi Kimme Tere Tey,

Koi Hor Hath Paaugi !!

Mere Tey Do Bol Likhii,

Tere Naal Naal, Mai Gaungi.

Veh Tenu Vey, Sachin’aa,

Apne Ghar Leke Jaungi !!

Jime Zeendgi Tenu, Tadffa Geyi,

Mai Ik Pal Naa, Tadffaungi,

Vey Tenu Vey, Sachin’aa

Apne Ghar Leke Jaaungi !!

Tu Menu Yaad Kre,

Aho Jehi Yaad Bnaungi.

J Mera Bss Chale,

Tere Naal Zeendgi Jeena Caahungi !!

Vey Tenu Vey Sachin’aa,

Apne Naal Leke Jaungi !!

Ah Zeendgi Nu Chadd K,

Haath Mere Fadd Le.

Tenu Jannat Leke Jaungi,

Ik Baari Naal Mere Chal Le !!

Zeendgi Ne Tenu Ki Ditta,

Naa Agge Kuch Dena Hai.

Ik Baari Bus Kehde,

Ki Tu Mera Hai Tu Mera Hai !!

Naa Tu Zeendgi Naal Nibhaayi,

Naa Tu Hoya Mera Hai.

Kabar’an Vich Sutta Hai,

Das Ki Kabar’an Vich Tera Hai !!



Kabar’an De Bhi Kunde Khol Peya,

Le Sun Hun Sachin Bol Peya.

Ik Gall Da De De Jawaab Menu,

Kinna Chir Nibhayegi,

De De Hishaab Menu !!

Zeendgi Menu, Apni Jind Vicho Kadd Geyi,

Aah Dekh Kabar’an Vich Chdd Geyi.

Tu Bhi Kinni, Dur Tak Nibhaayegi,

Menu Pta Tu Bhi Kabar’an Ch Chdd K Jaayegi !!

Pyaar Menu J Kardi Sii,

Mere Utte Mardi Sii.

Kyu Menu Kabar’an Vich Saad Taa,

Zeendgi Naal Mai Jeena Si,

Kyu Pehlan Hi Menu Maar Taa !!

Naa Zeendgi Tey Yakeen Reha,

Naa Mout Tere Tey.

Mai Kabar’an Vich Theek Aa

Menu Chadd De Haalat Mere Tey !!

Zeendgi Tey Mout ,

Tussi Dona Ne, Bdi Galat Kittii Hai.

Mai Mud K, Hun Aana Nhi,

Ho Jaana Mai Mitti Hai !!

Rooh’an Da Si Mail Hona,

Par Naa Nazar’an De Naal Nazar Milli.

Tenu Vich Shamshan Na Saadi Kabar Milli !!

(( Mout Ne Hamare Saath Dosti Kya Ki, Zeendgi Rooth Geyi, Zeendgi Ne Jab Dosti Nibhaayi, Toh Mout Bhi Tutt Geyi ))


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