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I write poetry that evoke thought and feelings. I decided to write down some of my work to share with others.

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I want to be your inspiration.

The last breath of a candle's light.

The single petal of a dying rose as the sun sets into the night.

I want to be your inspiration.

The reason you rise to stand.

To raise your sword after battles end and start all over again.

I want to be your inspiration.

The last white feather of a dove.

The summoning hymn of a lullaby as someone calls you from above.

I want to be your inspiration.

The voice of reason in your ear.

The spirit that holds you close when you're swallowed in your fear.

I want to be your inspiration.

The hand that holds your heart.

The reason you look to the sky when everything falls apart.

I want to be your inspiration.

The one upon your mind.

The figure standing in the sun with it's toes upon the finish line.

I want to be your inspiration.

The last cloud rolling in the sky.

The sunset on the open sea while an eagle spreads its wings to fly!

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