Something About Rain

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thoughts from somewhere^:)

Poetry / Other
Jessica Faith Earls
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It Falls Down.

I didn’t know what to say here,

mostly, I don’t know my own thoughts,

or if I have them—or do they have me?

[sometimes] I think that maybe my thoughts climb all together into a mold of clay [me], and breathe and speak without my knowing what they know, and I just wish they would tell me.

What They Know: If what they know is so undeniably mine to own, why then, do I often feel their acuity rushing past me? like a bolt of electricity—[extreme and powerful is their prescience, how do they keep the things they see coming from me?]

Lofty, my thoughts. Rude and lofty. If they only knew how much of their time was mine, maybe if they just knew, they wouldn’t waste it [Time:my time] so much in the region just beyond who I’m being.

That region where the rain comes from—I swear, I think about it. If the place where my thoughts come into form is the place where molecules join and fall to the ground...

p.s. i believe we are poetry, you and i

p.p.s. [although, i am careful to be human. if i weren’t, i’m afraid my feet might float away into that abiss whence all the words came to be.]

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