Dear Sister, I'm Sorry

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Set very far back in the past, Grace Watson is a normal girl. But her twin sister, Claire, is struggling with a life-threatening , crippling illness that is completely new to the doctors of their time. Surgery after surgery, treatment after treatment, and Claire survives until she and Grace turn seventeen. Her condition worsens, and doctors warn that her life is coming to a close. Knowing her time will be cut short and desperate to tell Grace everything she couldn't find words to say at the right times, Claire leaves Grace an unforgettable and emotional gift, the only thing she has time for during her last days in the hospital. - - - Dear Sister, I'm Sorry is the first book in my series, More Than Poetry. Each work in this series is a collection of poems, but each collection is part of a unique story, written in prose. - - - This is an original story with poems by me. The cover and any graphics are made by me. All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2020 by Cristal

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For, of course, my annoyingly sisterly yet beautifully brilliant twin sister Emmalina. Always got love for you, sis!

For Dad (always Popsy to me), for always being there and always loving me. I promise I’ll always be your little girl.

For the readers, writers, and others giving this book a chance. I would be lost without you!

Also for my Wattpad followers, which is where this work was born.

Thank you.

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