The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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My Views on the World (Pt. 2)

The world seems to be going so topsy-turvy these day. We hate some things, like other things, the things we hate, other people like, and the things we like, other people hate. We hate ourselves, but the world doesn’t turn in anyone’s favor.

I look at the world, and I wonder what has happened. Our goals have changed. Once upon a time, life used to be freedom. Now, it’s money.

People are so ignorant nowadays. Do they not see what’s happening? It’s inevitable that we will one day have to face the very horrors we’ve inflicted upon ourselves. And if not us, then our kids, and our grandkids. The morality of our society in general is dissolving, we are setting aside problems that will just become worse later on.

I wish people would make a better effort to be good humans. I see people who are in situations they can’t help. And I see famous people with too much money for their own good. They should use that money to help others. Even a little bit goes a long ways. I know I would. My father’s family was poor when he was a kid, and he couldn’t help that. Sometimes I hate that I have the privileges that I do because I know there are people out there who need it way more than I do.

There are so many good people in this world who do good things. But yet, looking in the news, all you see are the bad things. There are so many bad things going on, that there isn’t any time to recognize the good deeds that happen. And those bad people have kids, who they raise under their influence, etc. And some parents just don’t care. And the kids can do whatever they want. I’m scared for what the future will look like. There are so many different possibilities, it’s impossible telling what will happen. I make it a goal of mine to do a good deed a day, to a stranger or to anyone, because there still needs to be some good people in the world. Sometimes, I see someone do something kind, and it just makes my heart race and makes me so happy to see that there are still good people in this world.

I know, we look at what’s going on in the world today, the coronavirus, on top of the already cruel things that happen, and we wish things were different. We wish there were no problems. Why do certain people have to experience certain woes? Why are some people born into luxury and others are born into literally nothing? Why is there no one that we can blame? Why do people have to lie? Steal? Murder?

There is never a reason to kill anyone, but you have to consider what they’re going through, because I’m sure their lives were not going and perfectly, and out of the blue, they decided to kill somebody.

We have to remember that everything in this world has a purpose. Without diseases, there wouldn’t be a need for doctors. Without crimes, there wouldn’t be police officers or courts. If everyone was smart, there wouldn’t be teachers. And if there weren’t any problems, then what would be the point of life?

It gives you such satisfaction knowing you worked towards something, then if you just got it. It is in human nature to want for ourselves and to do things that benefit us. But it’s those bad things that sometimes unite us and make us see what we truly stand for.

We will overcome our problems. We will make it to the end. I have no doubt about that. I can see the good in everybody, and you can too. Just look at your favorite villain, and I’m sure we all have one. They’re a villain for a reason, but there’s that something about them that we can relate to, that we realize they too go through problems and trauma.

Groan at life. Throw your head in a pillow. And cry. And scream. About the hate. Despair. Taunts. Heartbreaks. Betrayals. Mistreatment. Injustice. Broken promises. The longing for someone who truly understands you and what you’ve been through.

Do that, and then remember, you are still living and that you have a life. That you have so much you should be grateful for. And that you are grateful for. So much potential you have in you that can change the world. And then take that to do something out there. Make a difference in other people’s lives. Be the reason other people smile. I am smiling right now because you’re reading this.

You’ll be okay. I’m here for you, there are people everywhere that are here for you. We have to maintain our faith that in the end, we will end up in a better place than where we started, whether you believe in heaven, like me, or not, so we have to do all that we can right now. Have a good day.

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