The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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I think everybody needs music in life. If there’s one thing that brings people together besides acts of kindness and food, then it’s music. It’s so universal because any sound can be made into music.

Not everybody plays an instrument, but if you do, it is the most wonderful feeling once you can produce a certain sound that symbolizes and represents you or the feelings that you are trying to convey to the listener.

Trying to portray what you want in words or emotions can be extremely challenging, and I get that feeling so many times, when I have my pen out, with a blank page, and I just have no idea what to draw or write. But once you learn to play an instrument, there are so many different emotions and feelings you can produce that can represent yourself just as well as words.

I play the piano, and I’ve been playing for six years. I can’t write like Beethoven or just sit down and produce something like Mozart, but the instant my hands hit the keys, it’s like they have a mind of their own. My fingers fly, and it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world. I can play loudly, softly, gently. Not perfect by any means but perfect enough to drain out my stress and bring out my inner soul. Something I can dedicate myself to purely for my own pleasure. If you don’t play an instrument, I highly recommend it.

Anyways, that’s the art and joy of playing music, which I can understand if that’s not your thing. Listening to music is something everybody loves. I love myself some nice classical music, which I understand if you don’t like that either because so many people don’t like that nowadays. I never understood that. Classical music is a masterpiece. Listen to it, it’s simply brilliant! But it definitely helps you gain an appreciation for classical music if you play an actual instrument. So if you don’t like classical music, I’m not going to kill you for it, but try listening to Mozart’s “Turkish March” or Vivaldi’s “Spring.” Not every classical song is slow and boring. Honestly. It’s quite the contrary.

As for other music, I can listen to practically every single genre and enjoy it. I like positive music that is encouraging. I also like sad songs because those are so good at portraying feelings. I love love songs, both sad and happy. I love One Direction (and all their solo music), Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, We Three, Alessia Cara, Grace VanderWaal, Imagine Dragons, just to name a few.

Music is more than something you just listen to and then move on with your life. Hearing it, you really understand where the singer/songwriter is coming from. Lyrics, to me, are super important because even though tone and dynamics portrays the emotions, the lyrics convey the actual message to the listeners. And plus, I love reading the lyrics because often times, it’s just a poem, and it’s just as beautiful to read as it is to hear.

I think this world is beautiful. Without music, the world would be a lot less beautiful. We all struggle putting our feelings in words. We need those songs to listen to that puts our feelings in words for us.

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