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March 26, 2020

I decided I might as well write what I think about this because times are so weird and crazy right now, and someone should. Those who are reading this may or may not agree with me, but like I’ve said before, this is completely my opinion.

It’s scary. It really is. We don’t know if we’re overreacting or not reacting enough. We’re looking around and seeing what’s happening, and it’s, like, crazy, because this hasn’t happened before. Not to the extent it has today.

And with this social distancing, we don’t even know if we’re doing it right.

But this whole virus has brought up many questions. My education has been disrupted and reduced to endless websites, packets, and papers. I can’t go to school to learn or see my friends. One of the benefits of school is the ability to get help whenever it’s needed with human interaction. Now, interacting with others is discouraged.

We are told to maintain a distance of six feet or stay huddled in our houses, and one of the few times we’re supposed to leave our homes is to go to stores to stock up.

It’s even more difficult because in a time when the comfort of faith, fellowship, and comfort of other believers is most needed, it is denied by the cancellation of congregations everywhere. Naturally, course, we can still worship at home, but we can’t learn from others to grow in our beliefs.

But what some of us fail to see is that this disease is so much more than social distancing and isolating and deaths. It is a way for us to prove ourselves or show how we react in times of trouble, and so far we are just showing off our craziness. We definitely need those little things that some people are doing to try and cheer us up, but we have not taken too well to this whole thing.

The measures we are taking (necessary or not) are truly unbelievable and depressing. You look on the news, and it is seriously depressing. The numbers, the reactions, the deaths, everything. Hopefully, all of this will be stories we tell our children and grandchildren when we’re older, but for now we just have to wish, pray, and hope things get betterd.

Yes, I know it’s weird. Very weird. We’re being forced to adapt to a new norm, which is in no way, whatsoever, normal.

I don’t want to have false hope. Not with something like this that has started off bad and just keeps getting worse and worse. But we can’t change what’s already happened. We’re just going to have to keep going and believe that as a whole, not a family, not a state, not a country, but all of us, as human beings, will stay strong and do what we’re supposed to.

There’s no way countries can stand against each other when we’re all fighting the same war. There’s no way we can win like that. We’ll make it. I know we will. I just hope we’ll make it soon.

April 1, 2020

I can’t say things are any better, sadly, because they are going terribly. We’ve been on lockdown for what feels like forever, and I haven’t left the house for a month now. My mom won’t even let me go out for a walk.

Thank goodness my dad isn’t part of the millions unemployed, and he is just working from home. My mom doesn’t work. She buys a bunch of stuff. I honestly don’t get everybody’s problem with buying toilet paper. We are going to die, looking like complete idiots, because we are going to be surrounded by toilet paper with absolutely no food. I’m just kidding, but I honestly don’t understand why we are hoarding toilet paper.

As for food, I thought for sure we’d be fine, without even having to go out, because my mom hoards food too. You open both of the fridges (and they’re not small either) and food literally comes tumbling out. It’s pretty epic, to be honest, and after my mom gets something out of the fridge, she spends like twenty minutes trying to put everything else back in. And we have pantries and cupboards stuffed with food that doesn’t expire for months. And this is before any of us even knew coronavirus existed.

Well, nevertheless, she ran out and got even more food (and toilet paper). So yeah, run out and stock up on as much food and toilet paper as possible. Story of our lives.

I am greatly questioning some of the decisions on behalf of authority. Whether or not it’s for the good of us the public, or the financial profits and economic gains of the government. Obviously wanting to reopen borders when we are not flattening the curve and in fact noticing a steep increase in deaths and cases, is not a very smart decision.

On the contrary, I would like to point out that as we are developing more tests and quicker methods of testing positive or negative for the virus, it is only natural for numbers to go up because the quicker tests can be taken and results are given back, the more positive and negative results we’ll get, whether or not the disease is actually spreading.

I will say on behalf of stupid teenagers and young adults who can be seen flocking to beaches and vacations during the past Spring Break have absolutely no one to blame but themselves if they contract the disease.

I am very concerned, as numbers are projected to get worse over the next couple weeks. I don’t personally know anyone who has the disease, although none of us have gone unaffected by the disease, and how our school lives will pick up is still undetermined. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy with their families.

April 15, 2020

Today, we got the call that school is closed for the rest of the year. It’s very weird, and we are all confused and unsure of how the economy is going to start back up. Everyone from school is assigning tons of work, although it is very disorganized because they just give us lots of packets, without any instruction or guidance. I’m starting high school next year, so I am kind of concerned about how the transition between middle school and high school will work and if the high school credits I have already taken this year will count, since I didn’t get to take any end-of-course exams.

It’s already obvious that even when we do come back, nothing will be normal. Now, we will always be self-conscious of what we touch and what we do. Things will always be different from now on, and it’s kind of hard to imagine what things will be like in a year from now.

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