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Fall Apart (Poem)

So I wrote this poem, and it ended up going a different direction than I intended. The message that I am (hopefully) trying to convey is pretty simple, although it’s very meaningful: it’s okay to fall apart. You might not completely understand what I mean by “fall apart,” but hopefully you will after you’ve read my poem. We try so hard to cover up our scars and bottle up our feelings, but it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to not always be okay.

It’s hard to accept the fact that there are people out there for you, and it’s understandable because you don’t want to have a false hope, only to be let down again. Once you’re broken so many times, you can’t just accept the fact that you’re back to normal and move on and tell everyone everything. There are people here for you, you don’t have to tell them everything, but don’t be afraid to fall apart because we are all crumbling inside at some point in our lives, and none of us want to experience failure. Well, here it goes, and you can tell me what you think:

All the times I’ve been trampled on
All the times I’ve been told I’m wrong
The times I’ve cried myself to sleep
The times the only things I could see

Were the people who purposefully dragged me down
The people who can’t see we all have crowns
The people who yell and scream and hate
The people who can’t see we’re perfect in our own ways

We try so hard to show our enemies we’re strong
We try so hard to prove those haters wrong
We try so hard to cover up our scars
But sometimes we have to let it fall apart

Don’t ever be scared to just sit down and cry
It’s better than pretending that you’re alright
There are people who love you and care more than you know
It’s okay to let your true emotions show

Let the tears flow, tears of pain, tears of grief
There are people around you who understand how it feels
Everyone’s fighting a harder battle than you’d guess
Perhaps it’s how we react that puts our humanity to the test

We’re scared to let our guards down and let others in
What if this hope that we have will just let us down again?
We’re so broken inside, yet inside of us all
The truth is that we’re scared to fall and lose it all

We see the winners as the ones who can overcome it all
Yet sometimes they’re the ones that aren’t afraid to fall
We try so hard to cover up our scars
But sometimes we have to let it fall apart

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